“I really enjoy the games because they make learning French fun”

Kaelyn, Archbishop Benson, aged 10

“I enjoy my French lessons because Madame Potter always makes them fun and we learn things I can practice when I go to France on holiday”

Evie, aged 9

I first met Sharon Potter when she was recommended to us by a neighbouring preschool.  I was keen for our children to learn another language as I was aware of the cognitive advantages to the individual of speaking more than one language.  There was a mixed reaction from the Trelowan team about the preschool children learning French, some believing that the children would not be interested and would disrupt the sessions.  However the whole team are now onboard as they have witnessed that from the first lesson Sharon was able to catch the children’s attention and keep them focused and interested with a combination of teaching strategies including music and puppets.  The children look forward to Sharon’s visits and are keen to get started when she arrives.  They are actively involved throughout, eager to learn and to demonstrate their knowledge.  When I recently suggested a game of hide and seek one of the children explained to me that in French you say cache-cache.  The parents have been impressed with the children’s enjoyment and progress, informing us that they are practising their French language skills at home and are trying to teach it to their siblings and other family members.  In conclusion I would definitely recommend Sharon to other settings, it has been a worthwhile experience for the whole preschool and we look forward to working with her in the future.

Carol Allen
Manager of Trelowan Pre-School, Penryn.

“My two daughters learn French with Sharon at Goonhavern School, my eldest now in her third year. The lessons are taught in a fun and interactive way and it is a great way to introduce your child to a different language. The text books and CDs are lots of fun. Sharon does a great job. The children even love doing their homework!”

Caroline, Parent, Goonhavern School.

“I really look forward to my French lessons. They are fun and it is good to be able to say lots of things in French. My favourite word is ‘une coccinelle’ which is a ladybird.

Amelie, aged 6.

"I wanted to let you know that my daughter is top of her class for French, as well as being in one of the top sets. Her teacher phoned to tell me how really pleased he is with her progress. So thank you very much again for giving her such an excellent start"

Rosie, mum of Aysha, former pupil at Goonhavern School.

“Thank you ever so much for making learning French so much fun and helping foster a desire to learn languages in her”

Parent, Goonhavern School. 

“We value the headstart that Sharon has given the children and the parents are thrilled and amazed with how much the children are able to say”

Assistant Headteacher, Probus School

My three children really enjoy all the interactive ways Sharon engages them, from singing to dancing and games. They love their classes and we are really impressed how much they are learning.

Julie (Parent) - Family French Class, Truro.