French for Life

Living in France quote

Do you holiday in France and wish you could understand and express yourself better?

I can provide sessions tailored to your specific needs.

Are you moving to France and want to improve your French and learn more about French life, culture and practicalities?

I can tailor a course to your specific needs covering subject areas which will be of most use to you.

Did you once learn French at school but feel you are losing your knowledge with the passage of time?

I can provide refresher courses to increase your knowledge and confidence.

Would you like your family to learn French together in a relaxed and informal environment?

I can provide sessions tailored to your family’s needs.

Do you feel you are competent in French but would like someone to talk to on a regular but informal basis?

I am happy to provide sessions of pure conversation and assist you as necessary. These could be in your own home over a cup of coffee or while doing another activity such as a ‘walk and talk.’

All the above are offered as individual or small group sessions.